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About Pretorium Trust

With a membership of 22 000, Pretorium Trust is a non-profit-taking Co-operative Buying Association that has been serving the consumer since 1938.

What makes us unique.

The largest contributing factor to our success is that there are no major shareholders that need to be catered for, hence the members who are the joint owners of the co-operative share equally in the annual net profit in proportion to their individual annual purchases.

Advantages of Pretorium Trust
  • No major shareholders.
  • Cash bonuses paid annually, no useless credit points or flyer miles.
  • Members are rewarded with the total annual net profit.
  • Up to 45 days interest-free credit for purchases made using the Pretorium Trust card.
  • Over 5 000 stores to choose from including national chain-stores and retailers.
  • Pretorium Trust card is a purchase card with built-in controls, which helps you to live within your means.
  • The Pretorium Trust Card also serves as a petrol card (no bonus).
  • Hirepurchase finance and cash loans available at fixed interest rates. No additional charges.
  • Short-term insurance premiums also qualify for the annual bonus.
  • One monthly account to pay, which includes purchases, hire purchases, cash loans, budget installments and insurance premiums.
Cost of Cedit
  • Membership Fee: R10,00 once off
  • Card Fees:
    • Cost per Card R80,00 per annum
    • Card protection R12,00 per annum per Card (optional)
    • Card fee on replacement R25,00

The following charge, where applicable, will be recovered by the Credit Provider:

  • Cash payments at Pretorium Trust office (fee per R100,00) R0,50
  • Credit/Debitcard payments at Pretorium Trust office (fee per R100,00) R1,50
Interest rate

Open account: Any amount not paid on due date (last working day of the month) will be free of interest if paid before the 10th of the following month. Payments received after the 10th of the following month, will bear interest at 8 % per annum above the prime lending rate of banks and will fluctuate together with the prime lending rate.

Budget Account

Purchases made on budget accounts also qualify for the annual bonus. Interest calculated at the prime lending rate of banks plus 4 %. Provided that should the above interest rate at any time exceed the applicable maximum prescribed rate determined in terms of section 105 of the National Credit Act, the applicable prescribed rate shall apply.

Transaction fees
  • Per transaction R1.00
  • Monthly: Surcharge on purchases - All purchases at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hypers, House & Home, OK Furniture, PICK N PAY EN PICK N PAY FAMILY STORES 0.70 %
  • Admin fee on petrol purchases: (no bonus) 1.75%

Abovementioned fees are subject to change


A Pretorium Trust account is payable on the last working day of a month. For bonus purposes payments received up to the third day of the following month, will nonetheless, still qualify for bonus. If the third day of the following month is on a weekend or a public holiday, payments received on the next working day will still qualify for bonus